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József Paulik, founder, has been using PCR technology more articles  társszerzője a témában, a kutatásban és diagnosztikában azóta is alkalmazott vizsgálatokat tervezett. Emellett 2006-2011 között a Bio-Rad Laboratories alkalmazásában munkatársak és felhasználók oktatását végezte a témában. Termékeladáshoz kapcsolódóan vagy attól függetlenül a technológia oktatását vállaljuk. Vegye fel velünk a kapcsolatot!

PCR Reaction Design

PCR reaction design? A more specific product?
A more sensitive test? Primers that work well?
If you need the above, you are at the right place!
You specify the parameters of the test to be planned, we design the corresponding PCR reaction and deliver the corresponding oligos.
We will publish the used sequences and help with optimization if necessary. With guarantee.


  • PCR plates, strips
  • plate sealer
  • SANGER szekvenálás, reagensek
  • NGS sequencing reagents
  • Dye terminator removal
  • PCR enzimek és mastermixek
  • RT enzymes
  • Pipette tips
  • Centrifuge tubes
  • Other laboratory plastics
  • Homogenizer
  • Western Blot machine
  • Shaking machines
  • Consumables
  • IVD-certified PCR diagnostic products
Paulik József

József Paulik

Paulik József

Tímea Hegyi

About us

Our company started its activities on the Hungarian market at the end of 2011. We serve laboratories conducting life science research with innovative products. Flexibility, customer orientation and reliability are extremely important to us.
Among our clients, we proudly count the diagnostic and research laboratories of several Hungarian institutes.
For our success, we also use the knowledge of József Paulik, our founder, in molecular biology acquired over the past 12 years here and in Great Britain.


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